Kiwi’s more confident on winning RWC

Through its own permission database Great Sites, with over 500,000 members we polled the attitude of Australians and New Zealanders towards the Rugby World Cup (RWC), to be held beteween 9 September and 23 October this year.

In Australia, 38% thought Australia would win the Rugby World Cup but in New Zealand this number was a massive 68%. Runner up for Australia was New Zealand, but across the Tasman members believed South Africa to be second most likely to win. Both countries support their national teams and support was around the 85% mark. More people in Australia supported New Zealand than vice versa, these could be  New Zealanders living in Australia.

Around 10% of our NZ members responded that they would attend any of the RWC games, whereas in Australia this was less than 1%. Majority of people (AU: 43%, NZ: 65%) will follow the event on TV. The newspaper was the next most popular medium, followed by online and radio.

When we asked if there should be a limit about players from one country playing for another nation, attitudes were similar: The majority (55%) believes people should only play for their own country,  with only around 20% thinking players should be allowed to switch teams.


Fieldwork was conducted between 1 – 7 July, sample size for Australia was n=665 and for New Zealand n=511. Contact us today to ask about online data collection in Australia and New Zealand. Totals do not add up to 100% because only top 5 choices are shown in graph.

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