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TPN Leads is a proven comprehensive lead generation service encompassing unique media, marketing services and technology. TPN Leads generates a constant stream of prequalified warm new business leads. TPNs flexible toolkit allows it to meet the requirements of a wide range of clients and industries whether B2C or B2B. Our expert team can advise on which solution is right for you. TPN Leads is suitable for any company looking to generate demand and drive new business. TPN Leads can be used to generate;

- Email sales leads
- Email newsletter registrations
- Prospect Engagement (lead nurturing)
- Tele-sales leads
- Postal Direct Marketing leads

All these leads are prequalified and opt-in; they have positively chosen to engage with you.

TPN Co-reg Network

One of the most popular media options TPN provides is Co-registration. “Co-reg” involves asking known users if they would like to be contacted by an advertiser about a specific offer or product. If they opt in then their details are automatically sent from the website displaying the ad to the 3rd party advertiser. TPN manages a network of Co-reg partners supported by TPNs unique co-reg ad server. TPN is delivering tens of thousands of sales leads and registrations every month. Advertisers simply pay per lead, typically between $2.00 and $15.00 depending on the type of lead required.

TPN Lead Nurturing System

Co-reg is very popular with telesales and DM marketers. However we have found that many other marketers are missing out on the opportunities offered by co-reg as they do not have a system or team to follow-up with all the leads it generates each day. TPN has developed a solution to this problem with its Lead Nurturing System.

Lead Nurturing is a form of Marketing Automation where the system delivers a series of email communications to the prospect depending on a predefined schedule. It can also send messages based on specific ‘trigger events’. These communications can be used to automatically engage with prospects, to further prequalify them and to even convert them online.  Online Reporting capabilities also allow the hottest leads to be identified and followed up.

Through its partners TPN can provide expert communication strategy, creative design and email copy writing. Typical communication strategies include;

- Simple download, link delivered via email
- Simple welcome email and subscription to a regular e-newsletter
- Sequence of emails; welcome, checkout Blog, Facebook, Twitter and an Offer
- Sequence of improving offers until online conversion occurs
- Sequence of product feature highlights
- Sequence of case studies
- Sequence of ‘useful tips’
- Full free e-learning course

These are normally delivered over a period of days or weeks.

To further extend engagement trigger events can be configured. For example by capturing the prospect’s date of birth, individual birthday offers can be automatically sent. Or downloads can be used to trigger an automatic follow-up after a defined number of days.

TPN Performance Media

Although Co-reg is a powerful and popular marketing tool which offers a guaranteed cost per lead, it is best suited to a long term ongoing campaign designed to deliver a constant stream of leads at a moderate rate. As there is often a need to increase the volume of leads over a specific period, or simply to generate as many leads as possible as fast as possible, we find a lot of co-reg clients also augment their co-reg campaign with performance media campaigns. These are purchased on a Cost Per Click basis, typically paying $1.00 to $3.00 per click (or $3 CPM). TPN operates extensive Email and Display performance networks offering marketers instant access to a flood of new business leads.

TPN Lead Capture & Score System

When buying traffic to drive lead generation one of the most critical factors is the prospect capture system used to turn clicks into qualified leads. Again, we found that many clients did not have a sufficiently effective lead capture approach and so we have developed a range of solutions to

maximise conversion rates and hence the campaigns Return on Investment. TPN offers an advanced lead capture form system which supports lead scoring based on answers given, as well as live feeds to 3rd party CRM systems like SalesForce and the TPN Lead Nurturing System. This intelligent form system can also be enhanced by commissioning a new Landing page or running an online promotion. 3di can arrange both of these from our market leading partners.

Complementary Services

Landing Page Design

Our partners are experts in persuasion architecture and usability, designing landing pages offering unrivalled conversion rates. A dedicated campaign or product landing page will always outperform a standard website page as it can be designed with conversion optimisation at its heart, and typically has a single minded focus on conversion. www.MarketUnited.com

Great Promotions

For competition based lead generation programs we operate one of Australia’s most sophisticated and trusted promotions platforms www.GreatPromotions.com

Get in touch with our team to speak about pricing and service options to suit your campaign objectives.


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