TPN launches co-registration option

TPNThe Performance Network (TPN), a premium performance based advertising network, has launched a co-registration option offering publishers a new revenue stream at the same time as offering advertisers increased customer leads.

Co-registration (co-reg) is a form of online lead generation that involves asking consumers if they would like to opt-in for third party offers when they have signed up on a site, it’s already widely used especially in the UK and USA, however this trend has only recently started to hit the Australian market in a significant way.

By having the option to purchase  co-reg via a network advertisers are able to easily take advantage of this more contemporary online marketing tactic to expand their campaign beyond the usual display advertising (banner ads).

Jaysen Du Plessis, Head of TPN is already seeing more and more  advertisers adding  this additional component into their marketing mix as the resulting increase in the advertisers return on investment is significant.

“Advertisers are only paying for actual leads they receive rather than paying per ad impression or per click.” Mr Du Plessis said.

“One of the most frequently asked questions we get from publishers is how can they make more money from their site. Co-reg is a great solution as publishers can earn money on a variety of offers being made on their site and the consumer does not even leave their website,” Mr Du Plessis said.

It is often difficult for many publishers to offer co-registration to their advertisers owing to the amount of technical development and campaign management involved to ensure that the information gathered is verified as well as not a duplicated lead already held by the advertiser. TPN has created an ad platform that manages this whole process as well as offers real time reporting. All a publisher needs to do is copy and paste some code on a page and the network will do the rest.

With co-registration, a relationship is formed between a website publisher and advertiser, where the advertiser can use the consumer information provided to the publisher to communicate directly with the consumer once they give their permission.

As consumers have specifically chosen which offers they are interested in before an advertiser can contact them it means the consumer expects to be contacted, they are genuinely interested in learning more and the advertiser therefore has a higher chance of achieving a conversion or sale.

TPN are offering co-reg campaigns across a range of premium Australian and New Zealand websites and are looking to expand this in 2011. Leads can include email, phone or postal data.

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