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Ten Second Survey

This month Great Sites via its research offering Great Research launched a new weekly survey the “Ten Second Survey“.

The survey asks members of the popular portal short topical or interesting questions resulting in one off polls and surveys, which are then published on the site and via social media channels. This activity is part of Great Sites ongoing mission to engage with its members in fun and rewarding ways. Thousands of members have already taken part in these surveys and polls and are rewarded with extra chances to win Great Sites grand prize of $30,000 and additional monthly prizes.

The Ten Second Survey can be utilised by advertisers in a range of innovative ways to meet various marketing objectives. The only rule is that members should be able to read and answer the question(s) in around ten seconds.

Advertiser options are listed below;

1) Poll Campaigns Members are invited to answer a short Great Research poll on a question relevant to the advertisers products or services, the advertiser then sends their solus EDM campaign to the respondents that answered in a certain way. Pricing is typically at a premium CPM rate for each pre-qualified member targeted by the main EDM.

2) Poll Research Marketers and researchers that want quick answers to specific simple questions can use the Ten Second Survey to ask a ‘general population’ normalised panel of members the questions of interest. Its a fast and simple way to get insights into what the people of Australia think about a particular issue. Pricing is typically on a per respondent basis.  (cost per interview)

3) Link Bait Content Generation In the world of SEO (search engine optimisation) links are highly prized as they increase an advertisers sites search engine rankings for desirable keywords. One popular method for generating links is to product interesting and topical articles and blog posts that other sites and blog link to. This viral form of marketing is effective but requires great content.

The Ten Second Survey is one way of quickly generating content that can be published and blogged. Results are broken down by key demographic groups offering additional insights and opertunities to generate catchy headlines. Pricing is normally a fixed price (1,000 respondents is recommend).

To find out more about these options contact 3di.

Examples of invites and survey below;

On site invite - Great ResearchEmail InviteTen Second Survey

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