We’ve just launched Great Video


We’ve just launched Great Video the latest enhancement to the Great Sites membership rewards portal. Great Video offers advertisers a new way to reach targeted consumers with dynamic content such as TV shows, advertisements, films and trailers.

Great Sites has now hit over 300,000 registered members and is growing rapidly with thousands of new members joining each week. With the Great Sites memberrship portal all members have completed a detailed profile and survey and also opt-in to receive all emails and communication with brands.

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How does it work?

After members sign up to the Great Sites and have filled out their membership profile they are able to earn rewards (prizes) for engaging with ads, surveys, Q&As, research and more. All members go into the grand prize draw and also earn entries to receive weekly prizes and incentives. The more entries they earn, the more chance they have of winning. Loyalty and interaction with the Great Sites membership portal is extremely high so advertisers have the benefit of reaching extremely targeted segments based on their demographics and purchase preferences.

Great Video allows members to earn more entries in a fun and engaging way and can earn entries

Earning Entries can be linked to specific “actions” such as — Completed views

- Q & A (multiple choice)

- Q & A (survey)

- Opt IN/OUT (lead generation)

- Social Sharing

Great Video is also streamed direct to their Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Advertisers only pay for proven video engagement “actions”
  • Proven engagement and direct response from video campaign
  • Ads viewed in high definition
  • All platforms supported (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Any length of video supported
  • Unique video engagement from $1.00

Enhancement Options ($ depending on requirements)

  • Target ads to specific demographics or interests
  • Add a Survey
  • Add Lead Generation
  • Add social Sharing
  • Custom integration
  • Video encoding and hosting

Speak to us for more information on campaigns and ask us about free video encoding and hosting.

Australia: 1300 806 986 or Email
New Zealand :  09 920 1755 or Email

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