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3Di top 2% on Slideshare in 2013!

Friday, January 17th, 2014

3Di Slideshare

3Di’s presentations are in the top 2% viewed on Slideshare, checkout our stats! We hosted 10 presentations on Slideshare covering our major products and services and achieved almost 20,000 views over a 9 month period.

If you have not had a chance to review our presentation decks why not start with the two most popular from 2013?

Lead Generation Services (7436 view) & Email Advertising Services (5077 views)

Lead Gen

Email Lists

ADMA Announces New Privacy Laws

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

ADMA logo

Big Changes on the Horizon for  Data-Driven Marketers

ADMA has announced that the new Australian Privacy law  passed by Parliament on Thursday is due to come into effect on 24 March 2013.

The law will introduce changes to how marketers and advertisers can collect, use, hold and disclose customer information and other personal information relating to prospects and individuals.

Due to ongoing lobbying by ADMA and ADMA member companies, the Government made some last minute changes to the new law before it was passed to reduce the impact of the legislation on marketers and advertisers. In particular, the Government:

  • - Removed the statement that DM is prohibited and replaced with a new statement that clarifies that DM is permitted within certain parameters.
  • - Reduced the requirement to include opt-out notices in all marketing communications.
  • - Limited the need to offer customers the ability to engage under a pseudonym.
  • - Reconfigured the requirements on overseas transfer of data.
  • - Extended the period of time that companies will be given to comply from 9 months to 15 months. (Starting 24 March 2013)

Although ADMA is pleased that the immediate issues facing marketers and advertisers were addressed, it considers that, in general, the law is out-of-touch and out-of-date and will become an increasing hindrance as we continue to move to a data-driven digital economy.

Also, there are still concerns with how the law will be interpreted and enforced. The remaining concerns include:

  • - The new definition of ‘personal information’ could result in the Privacy Act now applying to information that is currently not considered ‘personal’. For example, certain information collected through cookies and types of Big Data.
  • - The new rules require marketing communications to include an opt-out notice (including to existing customers) in all cases where the marketer has used data collected from a third party.
  • - This could include, for example, where a marketer has appended data to a customer database; extracted customer information from a social media site; or used behavioural data from a third party site.
  • - Fines of up to $1.1m apply and it remains unclear whether this is calculated on a per ‘incident’ or per ‘record’ basis.

ADMA will be drafting guidelines for marketers and advertisers to clarify the new law and assist with compliance and will also produce a webinar series and education course to assist businesses interpret the provisions and how they apply to traditional channels, online, social media and mobile.

For more information please visit WWW.ADMA.COM.AU

3Di / IAB NZ Survey Shows 56 % of Kiwis Plan to Shop Online for Christmas

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Reprinted from

IAB New Zealand has released a survey providing insights on how New Zealanders plan to conduct their Christmas shopping this year. (The survey was conducted by 3Di).

Key findings show over half of those surveyed plan to do some of their Christmas shopping online with Books/DvDs/Games topping the gift giving list. Convenience was stated as the number one reason for grabbing a mouse rather than jumping in the car.

“It’s important retailers leverage online channels and recognise the consumer is becoming more sophisticated and connected. Online shopping is borderless and while convenience is cited as the number one reason to buy xmas presents online, price and range are also key factors. Businesses need to offer customers a seamless experience across multiple touchpoints and start their online campaigns early.” Laura Maxwell-Hansen, IABNZ Chair & general manager of Yahoo!New Zealand.

I buy my Christmas Presents Online Because…


Source: IABNZ/3DI

Comparison shopping is becoming more common with 14% using their mobile phone to compare products with other retailers before purchase.

Alisa Higgins, general manager of the Interactive Advertising Bureau says more and more comparison shopping is being done while the consumer is in the shop. “The internet has always been a great research tool and now we carry it around with us while we shop. With smartphone penetration at 41%, and estimating to grow to 50% early next year, mobile devices are changing the way consumers interact with retailers.”

New Zealanders use both local and international websites although 28% surveyed said they would stay local choosing to shop on websites like Trade Me. While many might worry we will end up with last years recycled gifts Craig Jordon, Head of Marketplace for Trade Me says, “It’s great to see so many Kiwis have Trade Me top of mind as they get cracking on their Christmas shopping. From an ecommerce point of view, we’ve been well-positioned as Kiwis have moved more and more of their purchasing online to take advantage of benefits such as increased convenience, choice, functionality and attractive pricing. New goods is a major focus for us at present, and with more than a million brand new items onsite it’s clear to see we’re not just a garage sale anymore.”

Recent research from Lassoo Media shows that New Zealand websites are regarded as extremely secure for online purchasing, with 80% saying they feel comfortable using them for shopping. However, buying from overseas sites is less favoured, with only 36% saying they’re happy to do so, while 28% weren’t comfortable at all.

The IAB/3DI survey also found that one third have already started their online Christmas shopping with the big rush expected between 1st and 15th of December.

When Do You Expect to Carry Out Most of Your Christmas Shopping Online this Year?


Source: IABNZ/3DI

The full report is available via to IABNZ members only.


Exclusive 30% Discount on ADMA FUSION

Tuesday, October 30th, 2012

ADMA Fusion

We’re pleased to partner with ADMA again for ADMA FUSION 2012 and are offering an exclusive complimentary discount on behalf of 3Di

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We’ve just launched Great Video

Monday, August 6th, 2012


We’ve just launched Great Video the latest enhancement to the Great Sites membership rewards portal. Great Video offers advertisers a new way to reach targeted consumers with dynamic content such as TV shows, advertisements, films and trailers.

Great Sites has now hit over 300,000 registered members and is growing rapidly with thousands of new members joining each week. With the Great Sites memberrship portal all members have completed a detailed profile and survey and also opt-in to receive all emails and communication with brands.

Great Sites screen shot

How does it work?

After members sign up to the Great Sites and have filled out their membership profile they are able to earn rewards (prizes) for engaging with ads, surveys, Q&As, research and more. All members go into the grand prize draw and also earn entries to receive weekly prizes and incentives. The more entries they earn, the more chance they have of winning. Loyalty and interaction with the Great Sites membership portal is extremely high so advertisers have the benefit of reaching extremely targeted segments based on their demographics and purchase preferences.

Great Video allows members to earn more entries in a fun and engaging way and can earn entries

Earning Entries can be linked to specific “actions” such as — Completed views

- Q & A (multiple choice)

- Q & A (survey)

- Opt IN/OUT (lead generation)

- Social Sharing

Great Video is also streamed direct to their Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone.

Benefits for Advertisers

  • Advertisers only pay for proven video engagement “actions”
  • Proven engagement and direct response from video campaign
  • Ads viewed in high definition
  • All platforms supported (desktop, tablet, smartphone)
  • Any length of video supported
  • Unique video engagement from $1.00

Enhancement Options ($ depending on requirements)

  • Target ads to specific demographics or interests
  • Add a Survey
  • Add Lead Generation
  • Add social Sharing
  • Custom integration
  • Video encoding and hosting

Speak to us for more information on campaigns and ask us about free video encoding and hosting.

Australia: 1300 806 986 or Email
New Zealand :  09 920 1755 or Email

Great Sites screen shot 2

We’ve just launched Great Daily Deals!

Monday, August 29th, 2011

daily deals logo

One of Australasia’s largest opt-in membership portal, Great Sites launches new one stop shop for daily deals.

Great Daily Deals is a one stop shop for group buying and discount deals, it represents the latest development in an ongoing program of innovation at Q Ltd’s web portal Great Sites, where members are rewarded with prizes for completing online surveys, responding to offers and interacting on the site’s Facebook fan page.

Great Daily Deals aggregates the latest deals from a range of popular group buying and discount websites which means that members only need to visit the one destination to view all the deals available on that day.

Daily Deals

“We surveyed our members and found that there was a huge demand for discount deals, with the most popular categories being; holidays, dining, beauty, activities and electronics. Nearly half of our 500,000 members have already purchased from deal sites, but over 80% indicated that they would prefer to view all the best deals in one place.” said Jon Ostler, Q Ltd’s CEO.

As well as aggregating all of the deals into a single site Great Daily Deals also automatically categorises deals, allowing members to cut through the clutter and only view the deals most relevant to them.

Mr Ostler continued “As an experienced email and database marketing company we understand the importance of targeting and relevancy for both the user and the advertiser, and so we wanted to offer a deals service that incorporated the best targeting in the business.“

Deals are not only pulled from mainstream sites such as Groupon, Living Social, Cudo, Spreets, GrabOne and TreatMe, but also from the more niche deal providers like Eco-Daily that are starting to spring up.

“We want to offer our members the best and most valuable service possible while helping deal and ecommerce sites to expose their offers to the widest possible audience. We will continue to enhance the site with features and will continuously seek out the best deals for our members.” Mr Ostler concluded.

Already included:

  • Groupon
  • Spreets
  • Scoopon
  • Cudo
  • Ez Deals
  • Ouffer
  • Grab One
  • Zizzle
  • JumpOnIt
  • Our Deals
  • Living Social
  • and Eco Daily
  • and we are are growing rapidly!

Why Daily Deals?

• The Great Sites is an established membership portal with over 500,000 members.

• They are op-in and active participants.

• It ensures members only need to visit the one destination to purchase the latest deals in their geographical area or area of interest.

• Members aren’t bombarded with hundreds of deals from individual sites


• 500,000 total members across AU, NZ & UK

• Most popular categories: holidays, dining, beauty, activities and electronics.

• Nearly half of our 500,000 members have already purchased from deal sites

• 80% indicated that they would prefer to view all the best deals in one place

Services we offer with Great Sites

• Email advertising

• Mobile advertising

• Email, phone, tele and postal data

• Co-registration lead generation

• Research marketing, panel and focus group respondents

Great Daily Deals was simultaneously launched in Australia and New Zealand.

To join our affiliate programme,

or for

email advertising, survey & research or promotions with Great Sites please contact the 3di team on:

Australia: 1300 806 986 or

New Zealand: 09 920 1755 or