Health Check: Multi Channel Marketing


Recent findings have shown that Email continues to be the backbone of cross-channel marketing in Australia despite the clear emergence of multi-channel and segmentation trends.

The Mobile channel use has grown by over 300% and social marketing now has 10 times more activity than a year ago, according to the ‘Big Australian Report’  on email, mobile, social and web marketing.

Despite this, email remains the central and most used channel, and the highest volume by some considerable margin.

Of the marketers surveyed, not surprisingly 100% are sending emails to customers and members. The report found, however, only 14% of marketers send according to customer preferences.

“16% of companies send all messages via all channels,” the report read. “We would expect this will drop as sophistication in targeting increases.”

Much like email being the spine of multi-channel, data is emerging as the centrepiece of converged web-focused marketing, with 2010 seeing a major breakthrough in targeting according to the report.

“For the first time a majority of marketers engaged in segmentation to target the more
relevant members of its data base with certain messages or offers.”

More than half the marketers surveyed incorporate data metrics into their measurement, and around 40% feed it back into CRM systems, so the insights and results can be fed back into the database and applied across many channels.

The findings were based on the analysis of more than 1 billion email, mobile and social messages sent between 1 July 2010 and 30 June 2011, and survey of 350 enterprise marketers in Australia.

cited from B&T, 23rd August 2011

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